Zero Balance Account

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Increase Your Cash Flow Efficiency

Improve your operational liquidity by concentrating balances from multiple subsidiary accounts into one master operating account.

Increase your cash flow efficiency with our Zero Balance Account (ZBA). You can set up automatic sweeps between subsidiary accounts and a master operating account. The subsidiary account balances are kept at zero or at a targeted balance based on your daily operational needs. Funds will be automatically transferred to or from the master account to designated subsidiary accounts to maintain the predetermined target balance. ZBA will help manage your operational funds more effectively as you can consolidate excess balances into the master account. It will also help you control and monitor the disbursement in different subsidiary accounts. The ZBA service can be utilized for businesses with multiple divisions or different functional groups.

Standard Service Includes

  • Multi-tier capability allowing multiple levels of sweeps
  • Set a zero or target balance for the sub accounts that fits your specific business liquidity needs

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