Positive Pay

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A Proactive Approach in Fighting Check Fraud

Positive Pay expedites the identification of possible fraudulent checks when they are presented for payment. Suspect items are viewable via online banking giving you the ability to pay or return the items.

Help prevent fraud and safeguard funds with early detection of unauthorized checks via Positive Pay service. The service examines key fields of the check when it is presented to the bank and we compare that to the information provided by you, giving the bank the ability to inform you when there are discrepancies. Quickly and easily determine whether to pay or return the exception check via online banking with the image of the item. We will even verify checks cashed over the counter at our branches. By expediting the identification of possible fraudulent checks during presentment of payment, this service provides an essential added layer of security towards safeguarding your assets.

Standard Service Includes

  • Upload check issuance via online banking or secure file transfer
  • User entitlements and approval levels for added security 
  • Unlimited upload of check issuance 
  • 90 days of issue file history (via online banking) 
  • Alerts and confirmations for check issues and exceptions to help you manage the items


Our Secure Data Transfer Service commonly known as (“Data Transmission”), facilitates your need for faster communication and delivery of information to and from the bank securely. Receive balance summaries, transaction details via BAI2 files, and send check issuance information to the bank directly without the need to sign into online banking.

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