Overdraft Protection

Helping our customers manage their finances is an important part of our commitment to serve as your financial bridge. As you may be aware, federal regulations have changed the way banks can charge overdraft fees for everyday debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals. As a result of these changes, if you don’t have enough money in your account for an everyday, non-recurring debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal, your transaction will be declined, and you won’t be charged an overdraft fee. However, if an overdraft occurs due to other types of transactions, such as a recurring debit card or check transaction, an overdraft fee will be assessed.

Ways to stay on top of your finances


Overdraft Protection gives you the flexibility to write checks, pay for purchases or make withdrawals even when you don't have enough money in your checking account at the exact time of the transaction. With Overdraft Protection, available funds are automatically transferred from your linked account(s), allowing the transaction to be completed and helping you to avoid costly overdraft fees.

Brenix Credit Union Bank Overdraft Protection Options:

  • Link your checking account to another East West savings or checking account.
  • Linking your primary personal checking account to your savings or other checking account for overdraft protection purposes allows you to use your own funds to help avoid overdraft situations. If your primary checking account is overdrawn, available funds from the linked savings or checking account will be transferred automatically to cover the difference. Although an overdraft transfer fee will be assessed, the charges are generally less than an overdraft or returned item fee.


Brenix Credit Union Bank’s Consumer Online Banking Services offer a fast and convenient tool to help you manage your account balances and avoid overdraft situations.

  • Check your account balance from your personal computer or mobile phone* at any time.
  • Conduct immediate funds transfers between qualified accounts when the balance in your checking account is running low.
  • Set up email alerts that inform you of certain events such as when your account balance falls below the amount you define.


Using Brenix Credit Union Bank’s 24-hour Automated Telephone Banking service, you may check your account balance or conduct immediate funds transfers between your linked accounts from any phone by calling our toll-free number at +1 (0) 559 500 1009.


Below are a few simple tips that anyone can use to help avoid overdraft situations:

  • Record your transactions either in a register or by using an online financial tracking tool to help ensure that you always know your “actual” account balance based on the transactions you have initiated.
  • Hold on to your debit card/ATM receipts and ensure that they are promptly recorded in your transaction register. This will help to avoid the simple balancing mistake of forgetting about a transaction, which can lead to an overdrawn account.
  • Be aware that check and other transaction clearing methods have been automated so transactions are in fact debited from your account much more quickly than they were in the past.