Certificates of Deposit

Power Your Savings with CDs

CDs are one of the most effective, low-risk forms of investment. A CD from Brenix Credit Union Bank is a term deposit account that offers a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account. You can easily withdraw your funds early but may be subject to early withdrawal fee1

A good choice for those who want

  • Effective low-risk forms of investment
  • Investments with a fixed rate of return1
  • The choice of terms from 32 days to five years

Associated accounts and services

Minimum opening balance


Interest features

Compounded daily/frequency of interest credit dependent on term

Other benefits

  • The security of FDIC insurance on your funds up to the maximum insurable amount
  • Stable returns on your account
  • Generally the more you save, the higher the interest rate
  • Automatic renewal

Monthly account maintenance fees


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Deposit products are FDIC Insured.