Debit Cards

Visa® Debit Card

A safe and convenient way to pay and access your money.

With an Brenix Credit Union Bank Visa® Debit Card, you can make everyday purchases and pay bills, get cash, and manage your money at ATMs using your physical card or your digital wallet.


Every Brenix Credit Union Bank Visa Debit Card includes chip technology, in addition to the traditional magnetic stripe. Chip technology is an extra security feature which makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit when used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM, keeping you and your personal information safe.


Your Brenix Credit Union Bank Visa Debit Card with chip technology is accepted worldwide at millions of merchants, ATMs, online and over the phone. Use your card with confidence at home and abroad.


Digital Wallet

Add your Brenix Credit Union Bank Visa® Debit Card to a digital wallet and you’ll be ready to make purchases in stores, in apps, or online right from your mobile device. Digital wallet technology uses a digital token, rather than your card number, so your card number is never stored in your device or transmitted to the merchant. It’s the easy, convenient, and secure way to pay.

Chip Card

Chip Cards are quickly becoming the preferred physical payment method for merchants around the globe. Using chip technology is nearly identical to using the magnetic stripe.

Insert your card

Insert your card into the terminal with the chip side first, facing up.  Leave your card in the terminal while the transaction is being processed.

Enter PIN or Sign

Follow the prompts on the terminal and either enter your PIN or provide your signature as instructed.

Retrieve Card

Always remember to take your card when your transaction is complete.

Magnetic Stripe

No worries if a merchant does not accept chip cards or contactless payments! Your card still has a magnetic stripe for use at traditional card readers. Simply swipe your card the same way you do today.

Online or Over the Phone

When making an online or over-the-phone payment, provide your card information like you would any other card payment.

Certain online merchants are now accepting Digital Wallet for payment. Simply select your preferred digital wallet for the payment method, and the purchase will be charged to your default card.

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