International Wire Transfers

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Make Transferring Funds to Other Countries Easier

Send and receive international funds securely via wire transfers and remittance services.

A wire transfer is an electronic method of transferring money from one account to another.

Wire transfers are typically used when you need to send/receive funds in a short period of time. Wire transfers are quick, reliable, and secure.

For detailed information on how to initiate a domestic or international wire transfer, you should visit or call your local Brenix Credit Union Bank branch. Our experienced bankers welcome the opportunity to assist you.

For domestic wire transfers, the beneficiary will generally receive the funds by the same or next business day.

For international wire transfers, the beneficiary will generally receive the funds within 2 - 5 business days. Please note, delivery time frames for wire transfers can differ for various reasons, such as delays due to the delivery country or incomplete wire transfer instructions. For consumer international wire transfers and remittances, additional information regarding the delivery date will be provided at the time the international wire transfer or remittance is initiated.

Yes, please contact your local branch for more information, or the Brenix Credit Union Bank Customer Service Center at 888.895.5650

You will need to provide your name, account number, and additional information about Brenix Credit Union Bank to the sender. Please note, the sender's bank may also have additional information requirements.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

  1. For incoming USD wire instructions, please click here
  2. For incoming FOREIGN CURRENCY wire instructions, please click on the applicable sender’s currency type below:
  1.  If the sender wishes to send funds in a currency not listed in the above table, funds must first be converted to USD in the sender's country, then follow the incoming wire instructions located here.

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