Wire Transfers

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Send Wire Transfers at Your Fingertips

Experience convenience, security, and control when you send wire transfers via our businessBridge® Premier online banking platform.

With businessBridge® Premier, domestic and international trading partners' information can be saved into simple streamlined templates that include bank routing and swift number validation. Utilizing a secure one-time passcode, your wire transaction can be sent securely the same day or scheduled in advance. This service is another method to help keep processing simple, manage risk, and reduce costs.

Standard Service Includes

  • Domestic and international USD one-time application or recurring
  • Reusable templates to streamline and secure processing instructions
  • Layered security control, user permissions, and approval options
  • Use of secure one-time passcodes to authorize payment release
  • Future-dated wires up to 30 calendar days
  • Detailed wire transaction history for up to 180 days
  • Email alerts for approval release on outgoing wire transfers
  • Email confirmation with payment reference for outgoing wire transfers

Wire Reporting

Receive detailed wire information on all your incoming and outgoing wire transactions. Information includes payment processing confirmations and additional payment details to help reconcile your accounts.

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