ACH Blocks & Filters

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Automated Options to Safeguard Your Assets

Automatically block or filter out unwarranted Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and accept only authorized debits/credits based on criteria selected by you in advance. 

Protect your account from electronic fraud by utilizing ACH Blocks or Filters. This service provides an essential added layer of security towards safeguarding your assets by automatically blocking or filtering out unauthorized ACH transactions. You can either block all incoming debits with ACH blocks, or designate a list of authorized debits/credits with filters. If the ACH Originator is not on the authorized list you provide, we will return unwarranted transactions.

Standard Services Includes

  • Ability to set up blocks for specific companies or at an account level 
  • Filters can be set up to allow only pre-authorized companies, creating exceptions for all other transactions 
  • Ability to filter transactions based on designated amount 

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