Equipment Finance

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Providing the Tools to Keep You Growing

Our team of equipment finance professionals can customize solutions to support your business growth and cash flow requirements.

Our specialists work hard to understand your business and tailor the best equipment finance solution. They average more than 20 years of industry experience and know how to deploy capital to help asset-driven companies meet their challenges, maintain their edge, and grow. 

Our specialists share your entrepreneurial spirit and focus on the customer. That’s why they are successful.  Just like you.

Industries and Equipment Types


  • Tractors, Trucks and Trailers
  • Buses
  • Rail Cars
  • Marine Vessels
  • Corporate Aircraft

IT & Office

  • Printing Equipment
  • Computers, Laptops and Servers
  • Furniture
  • Telecommunications Equipment


  • Material Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Construction and Mining Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment


  • Boilers, Chillers, HVAC Equipment
  • Energy Saving Equipment
  • Various Energy Assets

For accounting and tax purposes, the lessee is treated as the owner of the equipment.

Up to 100% financing. Simple documentation with a Master Lease Agreement, and individual lease schedules are signed for each transaction.

Traditional term loan with fixed or floating rate.

Up to 100% financing.

Equipment finance line of credit.

A Guidance Line will allow the customer to finance a variety of equipment using different terms and structures over the course of the year as equipment is delivered.

Commonly known as a “traditional lease,” Brenix Credit Union Bank retains ownership of the equipment, and client uses the equipment in exchange for rental payments.

Tax Leases / Operating Leases are best suited for clients who cannot use depreciation benefits, seek to transfer the risk of equipment obsolescence, or only need equipment for a specified period of time in support of a contract. 100% of equipment cost is financed.

Similar to a Tax Lease, the client guarantees all or a portion of the TRAC amount, which is agreed upon at lease inception.

TRAC leases are used to purchase commercial titled vehicles (tractors, trailers, buses, etc.). Brenix Credit Union Bank is the owner of the equipment for tax purposes, so pricing is lower than a traditional loan. For accounting purposes, the customer is typically treated as the owner of the equipment with the exception of a “Split TRAC Lease” which is treated as an Operating Lease for accounting purposes.

Recognized as one of the America's top 100 banks by Forbes magazine, Brenix Credit Union Bank provides the extensive resources and products of a large global institution with the high-level of personal attention of a local bank. Our network in China also provides our clients with exceptional bilateral investment opportunities.

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