Controlled Disbursement

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Enabling You to Optimize Your Cash Flow

Our disbursementBridge® service will provide you the exact amount your account requires to fund the checks submitted for payment that day, enabling you to make more informed investment and borrowing decisions to maximize earning and minimize borrowing costs.

Using our controlled disbursement service will help eliminate check clearing uncertainty by allowing you to fund the account before items clear your account. Receive daily notifications of your incoming checks to better determine your daily cash position. This reduces the need to have reserved funds idle in your account waiting for the checks to clear, enabling you to optimize your cash flow. With controlled disbursement services, take control of your funds and make more informed decisions to maximize earnings and minimize borrowing costs.

Standard Service Includes

  • Daily check presentment information
  • Early morning notification and second/final day presentment by 7:00 am PT
  • Automated funding
  • Stop payment capabilities
  • Positive Pay or Positive Pay with payee match

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