Fiduciary Deposits

The Advocate Bank for Fiduciaries

We provide a private banking level of service supported by experienced senior management, relationship managers, and premier client services specialists trained to accommodate the unique requirements of the professional fiduciary.

Our Specialty Deposit Services (SDS) offers companies and their advisors specialized banking and treasury management services designed to meet the specific needs of the professional fiduciary.

Your client relationship is managed and supported by professional fiduciary bankers with a comprehensive knowledge of your unique industry and banking needs.

We also maintain accounts for disputed depository relationships, litigation escrows, disbursement accounts, interpleader accounts, or accounts where a blocked or control account is mandated. Our dedicated team of premier client specialists deliver a private banking level of service to the professional fiduciary in multiple industries.

Fields of Expertise

  • Professional Fiduciaries
  • Liquidating Trustee
  • State & Federal Court Receivers
  • Restructuring Professionals (attorneys & advisors)
  • Chief Responsible Officers
  • Chief Restructuring Officers
  • Disbursing Agents
  • Claims Administrators
  • Chapter 11 Trustees
  • Chapter 13 Trustees
  • Assignees
  • Class Action Suit Administrators
  • Professional Asset Management Fiduciaries
  • Chapter 7 Trustees
  • Attorney Referred Debtors in Possession
  • Contractor Retention Escrows for Public Work

We Deliver

  • Experienced bankers who have been specially trained to work with the specific technical and legal requirements of fiduciary bank accounts.
  • Dedicated fiduciary support team, delivering a private banking level of service.
  • Full range of industry related, in-house escrow and control agreement expertise.
  • Authorized United States Trustee depository nationwide.
  • Bankruptcy software support/partnerships for Chapter 7 Trustee accounts.
  • Master signature cards for fiduciary relationships allowing for expedited opening of new case accounts.
  • Full collateralization for active bankruptcy cases as needed.
  • Remote deposit capabilities allowing for fiduciary relationships nationwide.
  • Competitive ECR pricing.
  • Full suite of online treasury management services.
  • Comprehensive information reporting tools.
  • Multi-layer fraud protection

Our Services

In order to deliver unparalleled service, it is essential for your banker to understand your industry. 

Our Reorganization Deposit Services provide:

  • Reorganization Deposit Services team of dedicated industry professionals with knowledge in all aspects of banking requirements of the bankruptcy process.
  • Specialized banking and treasury management services that are designed to meet the specific needs of debtors in possession, bankruptcy or restructuring attorneys, receivers, chief responsible officers, chief restructuring officers, and assignees.
  • A full range of industry related, in-house escrow services and control agreement expertise.
  • Authorized bankruptcy depository by the U.S. Trustee in all districts.

Recognized as one of the America's top 100 banks by Forbes magazine, Brenix Credit Union Bank provides the extensive resources and products of a large global institution with the high-level of personal attention of a local bank. Our network in China also provides our clients with exceptional bilateral investment opportunities.

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