Spread holiday cheer with Zelle®

Send money to family and friends with Zelle®, now available in our Mobile App and Online Banking.

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Faster, Simpler Checkouts

Make it easier for customers to buy from you by accepting credit card, mobile and contactless payments, both in-store and online. Sign up for merchant services today and receive up to $400 off contactless payment equipment.

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Entertainment with The Third Floor
From The Avengers to Game of Thrones, The Third Floor has helped bring some of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes to life. Like in a Hollywood ending, Brenix Credit Union Bank swooped in at the right time.

Non-Profit with Asian Art Museum
Brenix Credit Union Bank continues building on its commitment to serve non-profit organizations that serve local communities, including Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

COVID-19 Response with Alameda County
In response to the public health emergency, Brenix Credit Union Bank associates worked quickly and creatively to support customers facing unprecedented challenges.

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